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On Board &Grand Cayman

After Cartagena I was looking forward to the Heritage Dinner.  Most of the crew were from Indonesia, The Philippines and India.  The dinner was a buffet composed entirely of food from these countries.  Sorry no pics, but the food choices were overwhelming.  After dinner the crew put on a show on the theater reflecting their cultures.  Great fun! 

Traditional Indonesian dress

We were at sea again and stopped at Grand Cayman.  I went ashore in search of wifi, but had been to the island before. We were also in port for only s few hours. On board it was time to say goodbye to new friends. 

New friends

Cartagena, Columbia

The morning after we passed through the canal we went to Cartagena.  I took a tour mostly because I had never been to South America and did not know what to expect.  Cartagena is a beautiful city and one I would visit again.  The pictures do not do it justice.  If you look closely at the picture you can see street vendors and some are selling exotic fruit.  Of course I had to taste some even though we were warned not to drink the water or eat anything from street vendors.  I’m still here with no ill effects  even though my fellow tourists refused to try any of the fruit.  I didn’t get a picture-I was too busy eating. 

Cartagena port


Approaching Cartagena


upside down fort




Street scene


Street scene


Right side up fort


Upside down street scene

I don’t know why the pictures are loading upside down and can’t find a way to fix them yet.



Middle of canal


Entering Gatun locks


Gatun Locks


Large ship in adjacent lock


Pilot boarding


Exiting the Panama Canal

It took 12 hours to pass through the canal.  We entered at 6am and exited at 6pm.  We were provided with a time table and it was precise.  The Panama Canal is very efficient at moving traffic.  There were at least 50 ships on each side waiting to pass through the canal.  It is really much larger than I thought.