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We had another day at sea as we traveled from Athens to Naples.  The ship is really lovely and I haven’t taken pictures of the food since it would get to the point of being ridiculous.  The presentation was always beautiful and the food delicious. I have added a picture of our table mates who were enjoyable company each evening. There is also a lot of maritime traffic so it is pretty at night to see the other ships all lit up.  We booked a tour for Pompei after I spoke to an Irish couple who said it is a must see.  Our tour didn’t begin until 1:30 so we had plenty of time before we left the ship.  However, we explored the port.  We got off and went to the terminal and surrounding area.  There was the usual tourists shops so we just browsed. We then got ready and boarded our bus for the tour.  Pompei  is impressive!  I was so fascinated I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  I’ll only share some with you as I must have taken over 100.  We were due to sail at 5:45 but didn’t get back to the ship until 6;00.  When we were all on board – up went the gangway and we were on our way to Rome.’

Dinner group


Port of Naples


Port of Naples


entrance walk to Pompei






House with courtyard



Our ship has arrived at Piraeus port in Athens. Shirley booked a tour so that she would see everything.  I left the ship and was going to take a bus to Terminal A where I could get the Metro.  However, there was a booth selling tickets for public transportation. For €4 I got 24 hours on public transportation and the bus picked us up at Terminal B and went to the Acropolis which is at least a 10 mile ride. It was a great ride through the city.  I walked up to the Acropolis and then walked to the Plaka in search of wifi again.  I ran into Brett and his brother Scott who were also on the ship.  Brett just graduated from dental school and this was a celebratory cruise.We stopped at a restaurant and enjoyed food, drink and wifi.  I went back to catch the X80 bus back to the port.  I’m now sitting in the terminal because obviously it has wifi and I may not be able to connect again.  Tomorrow is a day at sea and then on to Naples. It has been difficult to blog with the lack of wifi.  

Port of Athens

View from Acropolis


Another view of Parthenon

Brett and Scott


Kusidasi (Ephesus)

More sailing on the high seas with good food. good company and good entertainment aboard ship.  We reached Kudidasi and Shirley and I had booked separate tours to Ephesus.  We each had a good tour, had dinner aboard ship and then went to see the evening show. Then it was on to the next port of Mykanos.  We would dock at 7:00am.



We did dock at 7:00am but didn’t rush to get off the ship.  Mykanos is quite small and the ship provided a shuttle into the town.We walked along the Main Street for a while then took a side street to get away from the crowds.  As you can tell from the wifi post we found a restaurant with really good wifi and I felt that we should order something.  So we did, a bottle of wine.  I hope you have received the posts I sent.  I am now back on board after we walked around town some more and am trying to catch up with the text of the blog.  While we were at the restaurant we met a nice couple from Australia and he is into muscle cars.  I really didn’t have the opportunity to get totally  caught up.  I think tomorrow we are in Athens so I should be able to get up to date.



we are in Mykonos and I found a restaurant with great wifi and wine.  We bought a bottle of wine (darn the bad luck) to try and get the blog somewhat up to date.  We are having a good time.  Ship is wonderful.  Meeting lots of interesting people. Remember no wifi on board ship.