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Charleston to Wilmington NC

Another day on the road.  We decided to take the scenic route again – that is Route 17 up the coast.  The first place we stopped was Georgetown SC.  As luck would have it they were having a Gullah Fedtival.  Georgetown is a small picturesque town on the coast.  Every street is a postcard scene with old beautiful homes and canopy trees.  I got a chance to sample Hog Maws (pig stomach). Actually quite tasty but not much to look at.  Then back in the car and on up the road.  Our next stop was the Palmetto Moonshine store for a free moonshine tasting.  Great fun.

Our next item of business was food.  Clara wanted to find a place on the water that had u peel shrimp.  After many tries and driving past endless condos in Myrtle beach and since it was getting late we gave up.  Sure enough we saw a sign for the type of place we were looking for.  We made the right turn and lo and behold found a restaurant.  Nothing to look at but the food was good.  I forgot to take a pic since we had been so intent on finding a place.  Now on to Wilmington.  We arrived at the hotel at 5:30 and we were going out to dinner with Beverly’s friends at 6.  We met her friends and had a nice dinner.  She owns and operates a small restaurant in downtown Wilmington.  After dinner she took us downtown to show 

  us her restaurant.  Even though it was dark we got to see the downtown area and some of the old homes. We got back to the hotel around 10:30.  Tomorrow we are heading to Williamsburg.


We woke up to a cloudy overcast day and the weather forecast called for rain.  However we were undeterred so we got in the car and drove the few miles to downtown Charleston. At the visitor center we signed up for a tour.  It was a riding tour so it was hard to take pictures from the bus.  We stopped where we could see Ft Sumter, but as you can see from the pics visibility was not good.



After the tour we went to City Market and spent several hours walking around.  The tour also showcased all the beautiful homes in Charleston.  The area is called the low country since most of it is barely above sea level.  Magnificent mansions and a vibrant tourist area makes Charleston a great place to visit.  Now it was time to eat.  We went to the Francis Marion hotel to eat at the Swamp Fox restaurant.  Beverly and Clara had the Broken Ankle (pink drink) and Marsha and I had the Swamp Fox.  I forgot to take pictures of our food since we were all hungry.

Marsha and I put Bev and Clara on a trolley and we set off on foot looking for an ATM.  On the way we stumbled upon this beautiful garden.  The flower was on a vine that was growing on the fence in front of the garden. Stunning!!!


Then it was time to tour the Joseph Manigault House.  It is a nicely restored home with many authentic period pieces.  Then it was time to return to the hotel.  Tomorrow we go to Wilmington NC.


Savannah to Charleston

it finally stopped raining and Marsha was hungry so we decided to forage for food.  We left the hotel and limited our choices to Five Guys or the top of the Bohemian.  The Bohemian won out.  There was live music and we had cocktails and a snack.  Then we walked back to the hotel.

Today, Thursday we piled into the car to go to Charleston and on the way tour a plantation.  We didn’t go on 95 and took the scenic route. Boy, it was scenic.  We were headed to Beaufort where we thought there would be a plantation.  We stopped for directions and three people at the gas station had no idea what a plantation was.  But to get to Beaufort the directions were go to the light and make a right.  We must have done this st least 10 times all with the same direction; “go to the light and make a right”. Still no Beaufort.  Finally we stopped at s fire station, got directions and finally found Beaufort.  Beaufort is beautiful – a city full of elegant old houses.  Unfortunately it was cold, windy and rainy so we could not fully appreciate this beautiful city. Back in the car to find the Frampton Plantation.  We found it!.  Nice, but not spectacular.  Back in the car and on to Charleston.  We are staying outside the city in North Charleston and by the time we got to the hotel we were hungry and tired of traveling.  We had dinner and are now in the hotel since it is raining again.  Tomorrow we head into the city to be tourists.