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Heathrow Airport

We traveled over 9 hours straight on a bus from Glasgow to London. The trip was over 500 miles! When we got to London we walked to Victoria Station and then got on the tube to Heathrow. Now another bus at Heathrow to our hotel. We are now sitting in the bar/cafe having a glass of wine and a panini – the only things they had left. We both have early flights tomorrow. We can’t believe it is time to come home. We have had such fun time has flown by. We will be in Tampa Oct 10th at approx 6:30pm. It is now midnight and we have to be up at 5;00am. We will be happy to see everyone, but you all should have come with us.

Glasgow, Scotland

We decided to do a round of golf in Scotland before we went to Glasgow. We took a bus to Glasgow and we are staying here overnight until we get a bus in the am to London. We are slowly making our way home. It is cold and windy in Glashow so we decided to hand dinner in the hotel. Appetizers – potato and leek soup and I had chicken wings. Main course – veggie burger and I had Thai red curry veggies. We were both full so we took dessert to our room to have as a snack later. We both ordered caramel apple crumble with custard sauce. Tomorrow we take a morning bus to London to get to Heathrow where we are staying for the night before our flights.








Pitlochry, Scotland

We arrived in Pitlochry, checked into our hotel and set out on foot to check out the town. We stopped for lunch since we didn’t have breakfast. i had a coronation chicken baked potato and Marsha had a veggie panini. We then headed to the local distillery – see pic of Marsha entering, then we headed off to the dam and fish ladders. It was a nice walk and we walked back along the river on a nice walking trail. We went over a suspension bridge and of course took lots if pics. We walked along a lot of the walking trails that are around the town.There are pics of the hotel we are staying at – Fishers – and it is a lovely hotel. We walked thru the entire town and when we checked in we got a package that included dinner and breakfast. We had dinner at the hotel – appetizers – pork terrine with chutney and oat crackers and carrot and coriander soup. Main course – beef with puff pastry, potatoes and vegetables. Marsha had a Brie and beet tart. For dessert we had lemon tart and fig and plum tart. We are now stuffed and in our room watching TV. Pitlochry is a lovely and charming town.













Edinburgh,Scotland – Day 2

We were going on a free tour of Edinburgh and has a few minutes to get a light breakfast. When they brought our drinks they brought the sugar with mini Oreos on the plate as pictured. We learned more of the history of Edinburgh. We also saw the school that was the inspiration for Hogwarts and the grave of Thomas Riddle – Voldemort. We also went by the Elephant room where J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter. We also went by the Greyfriars Bobby statue. It had started to rain during the tour and even though the rain stopped it was cold and windy. We stopped in a pub to warm up and Marsha had a “Beanie” – a baked potato topped with baked beans. I had haggis balls with a sweet chili sauce. The rain changed our plans because we were going to walk to the top of a hill that overlooks the city, but just too cold, windy and wet.