Dearborn & Greenfield Village

The next day was just a drive to Dearborn. All we did was get a hotel and eat dinner because we had to be on the road early.

We were going to Clara’s daughter in Midland Michigan with a stop at Greenfield Village. The Village is huge and replicated an American town in the early 1900. There are many demonstrations that included weaving on a loom and barrel making. The Village itself is beautifully manicured and there were people in the various houses and buildings to tell how that structure was used. There is also a Henry Ford Museum that we did not have time to see. The entire complex is gigantic. We should have spent two days there not just a few hours.

I urge everyone to look up the Village online because my description really does not do it justice.

We had to leave to get to Leighann’s (Clara’s daughter) because there was a birthday party for Clara that evening.

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  1. Ryan Schram

    So glad that you were able to experience the Village while in the Great State of Michigan!! It truly is one of jewels of our region.

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