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Summer Road Trip

Clara, Beverly, Marsha and I are on a road trip through the Midwest to visit family and friends and along the way see some of the sights. We are stopping in Indiana, Illinois (with a side trip to Chicago) and Wisconsin.

Our first stop is Stone Mountain Georgia to see the laser light show. None of us has been here in years and it has changed greatly. We purchased reserved seating for the show and were seated in the front row!

Part of the show included choreographed drones. I have a few pictures of the drones.

Next we will travel to Lexington Kentucky.

Savannah to Charleston

it finally stopped raining and Marsha was hungry so we decided to forage for food.  We left the hotel and limited our choices to Five Guys or the top of the Bohemian.  The Bohemian won out.  There was live music and we had cocktails and a snack.  Then we walked back to the hotel.

Today, Thursday we piled into the car to go to Charleston and on the way tour a plantation.  We didn’t go on 95 and took the scenic route. Boy, it was scenic.  We were headed to Beaufort where we thought there would be a plantation.  We stopped for directions and three people at the gas station had no idea what a plantation was.  But to get to Beaufort the directions were go to the light and make a right.  We must have done this st least 10 times all with the same direction; “go to the light and make a right”. Still no Beaufort.  Finally we stopped at s fire station, got directions and finally found Beaufort.  Beaufort is beautiful – a city full of elegant old houses.  Unfortunately it was cold, windy and rainy so we could not fully appreciate this beautiful city. Back in the car to find the Frampton Plantation.  We found it!.  Nice, but not spectacular.  Back in the car and on to Charleston.  We are staying outside the city in North Charleston and by the time we got to the hotel we were hungry and tired of traveling.  We had dinner and are now in the hotel since it is raining again.  Tomorrow we head into the city to be tourists.


Oops-pushed the wrong button. Here is the picture of dessert.

After that delicious lunch we toured the Owens-Thomas house. A beautifully restored home.  Then we went to the Telfair Academy which is really a museum.  The museum had an astonishing collection of tea pots, coffee

pots and chocolate cups.  This was a beautiful collection along with the art displayed.  We stayed until closing and the headed back to the hotel since it was threatening to rain.  No sooner did we return to our room and the skies opened up.  We are now having happy hour in our room since the weather is so bad.


After breakfast we started our tour.  The first stop was St John the Baptist Catholic Church.  This church is stunning. It is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen.


After the church it was on to City Market where we strolled through the shops until we stopped at Wet Willies for our frozen libations.

The tour gave us an overview of Savannah and then we could choose what we wanted to see and ride the bus from place to place.  That said after City Msrket we walked through some of the city to the Pink House where we would eat lunch.  Clara ordered a Pink Lady and I ordered a jalapeño marguerita.


For lunch Clara ordered she crab soup. Marsha ordered jalapeño Mac and cheese poppers and gazpacho,  Beverly ordered shrimp and grits and I had the BLT salad.  Presentation was beautiful and everything tasted even better than it looked.   However, the piece de resistance was dessert.  The four of us shared the praline basket filled with creamy ice cream, fresh fruit on a swirl of dark chocolate.

East Coast Trip

We left Brooksville on April 13th to head for Brunswick, GA where we would meet friends who have moved there and take them to dinner.  We made good time so we made a side trip to St. Mary’s GA.  It is a very picturesque town and we have put it on our list to return to at a later date.  The hotel we stayed at had a free happy hour.  We went out to dinner with our friends and had a nice time.

The next day we are traveling to Savannsh.  Since it would not take long to get to Savannah we decided to tour St Simons Island.  First we went to Fort Frederica.  Then we went to the St Simons lighthouse.



After the lighthouse we drove to the beach.  We found some shade and had some snacks and happy hour.


After happy hour we continued on to Savannah.  We checked into the hotel and then hit River Street. We walked all of River Street and ended up at the Warehouse Bar.

Tomorrow we have booked a tour and the Hop on Hop off bus.   We retired to the hotel for a good nights sleep.