Kusidasi (Ephesus)

More sailing on the high seas with good food. good company and good entertainment aboard ship.  We reached Kudidasi and Shirley and I had booked separate tours to Ephesus.  We each had a good tour, had dinner aboard ship and then went to see the evening show. Then it was on to the next port of Mykanos.  We would dock at 7:00am.


One thought on “Kusidasi (Ephesus)

  1. Laurie

    OK we didn’t do well last night but the great news is you can see game 7 Friday night!! The blog is a little hard to follow and I’m confused as to your route. Maybe you are too? Keep on enjoying. It’s Wednesday am here so you’ll be back to reality in just two days. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

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