Albi – June 20

Took the train to Albi. Touted the city & visited the cathedral and the beautiful garden. The Tarn river is very high and running fast. Returned to Toulouse in the late evening.



2 thoughts on “Albi – June 20

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    Sounds like you are having a good time. Look forward to seeing more photos. I didn’t get on until this evening since we spent the week in AC. Wolfgang is doing well learing to swim. With all the activities he didn’t want to come home.
    I told him he could “email” Aunt Barbara on her trip. He is using a globe to locate places.

  2. Lynn Tombrink

    Love the cathedrals!
    Wow! All looks super fab!
    Just think, you could be in Brooksville! Lynn

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