We got up early so we could get breakfast before we left for Auschwitz. The breakfast buffet was all I had hoped for. It had real yogurt, eggs, cold cuts, great bread and cheeses. Plus pate, an assortment of pickled items and an assortment of great rolls and breads. We left for Auschwitz at 7:15 and it takes an hour to get there. It was about 38 degrees and windy with intermittent rain. Another lovely weather day.

After we got to Auschwitz we met our guide for the tour. She was very knowledgeable and took us through the museums on the grounds. It was a somber tour for the entire 2 hours. The sign reads “Work Will Make you Free”Here are some more pics of the concentration camp.Then we boarded the bus and drove about 15 minutes to Birkenau.