Belgrade, Serbia

It is 9:30pm and we are still on the train
to Belgrade. We left at 1pm and were supposed to arrive at 9pm and we still have at least an hour to go. It was very hot when we left Budapest- over 100 again. Officials we passing out liter bottles of water at the train station and crews were watering the trolley tracks (I guess so they don’t buckle in the heat). The air conditioning could not keep up on the train so we rode most of the way sweating. When we crossed into Serbia they hooked up an air conditioned car and the conductors directed us to go sit in that one. The air conditioning only lasted about 10 min and we were back to sweating. The dining/bar car had the older windows that were down half way and if we were moving there was a breeze. Problem was we were hardly moving- we could have walked faster. I think the intense heat had a lot to do with this too.
It is now 1:45 am and we just got back from dinner. Belgrade looks nice. Of course we came in at night but they have some really neat bridges. As you can guess we made it to the hotel and they recommended a restaurant that serves until 1am we hurried over there because we were tired and hungry. The walk to the hotel was uphill, but it seems that we are always walking uphill. I had a Serbian dish, Marsha had a beautiful (according to the menu) salad and Stephanie had gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce. We are trying to plan tomorrow since we are only here one day and leave on an train to Sophia in Bulgaria and then take an overnight train to Bucharest in Romania. The Serbs we met speak English and are very helpful. Will let you know how our travels progress.






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  1. Laurie

    Wow you sure look like your eating well. It really hot here too so your not missing anything. But if they don’t have a/c like we do so that definately a problem. Your travels still amazing and you’ll be telling stories for many years to come. Take care and don’t get separated again. That’s a scary thought.

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