Berlin – Monday 7-22-13

We got up and walked to Checkpoint Charlie which is only a short walk (for us). We also toured the Checkpoint Museum. There is so much in this museum it would take months to see it all. There was a great deal of history plus the ingenious plans of how people escaped East Berlin. There were many exhibits of the cars, ultralights, balloons and disguises that people used. Then we took the subway to go to a large department store, Ka De We, to see the gourmet food section. It is similar to Harrods which means it is absolutely fabulous. When we were done at Ka De We we walked to the Tiergarten which is a large park that houses the zoo. We walked in the park and found a biergarten. See pics. These places are wonderful . You can stop in to meet friends, rest or have a drink and some food. Everything is self service so there is no pressure. We were there right after 5pm and it seemed to be a gathering place for people after work. After a drink and we cooled off ( it has been hot here) we walked the entire park on our way back to our hotel. See pic of Marsha drinking wine again. Yes, we have walked across Europe by now. If we had pedometers they would say Tilt!!!. We found a nice restaurant on the way back to the hotel and stopped for dinner. The appetizer was a sampler platter, of course all good. Marsha had baked vegetables covered in cheese and I had schnitzel with French fries and a salad. After dinner we walked the rest of the way to the hotel. I should mention we walked a major portion of Berlin and it is a nice city with many wide boulevards and modern buildings. There are construction projects everywhere we went. Tomorrow we are going to Potsdam and then taking an overnight train to Krakow. I don ‘t know when I’ll have a net connection to post again.








2 thoughts on “Berlin – Monday 7-22-13

  1. Steven ellmer

    Checking out your latest comments and pics. All the food looks great! When I saw categories I noticed ” united kingdom” . We totally missed this part, it must have been the time between my visits with mom. Aunt betty is just so blown away about seeing your trip while your doing it.Suzie was here all last week with mom so they were an item together,it was fun watching them and sharing your blog!

  2. Laurie

    Funny story I grew up calling bars biergartens and never knew why. That’s just what my mom called them. So now I learned why. That’s just amazing. Hope your having fun. Berlin with the escape routes and disguises that people used must have been really interesting. Take care.

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