We made it to the hotel and checked in.  We had decided to eat at the UFO.  Some of our group did not think they could walk that far so we set out to find a bus and how to use the automated ticket machine.  On the way to the bus is started to rain and it was cold and windy.  Finally on the bus we were dry.  When we got off the bus we had trouble figuring out how to get to to UFO since it is on the bridge.  Long story short-over the river and through a mall in the pouring rain to the UFO we go. Finally we made it even though we were cold and wet.  Then we were told we had to have reservations for the restaurant but we could go to the lounge and there would be some food available.  Up we went.  Of course it had a spectacular view.  We had hamburgers that were very good although not the dinner we had anticipated.  Then back down to return to the hotel.  We couldn’t find the right bus, so we walked.  Tired and cold we went to bed.

View of castle from UFO

View of Danube

Inside the UFO lounge