Charleston to Wilmington NC

Another day on the road.  We decided to take the scenic route again – that is Route 17 up the coast.  The first place we stopped was Georgetown SC.  As luck would have it they were having a Gullah Fedtival.  Georgetown is a small picturesque town on the coast.  Every street is a postcard scene with old beautiful homes and canopy trees.  I got a chance to sample Hog Maws (pig stomach). Actually quite tasty but not much to look at.  Then back in the car and on up the road.  Our next stop was the Palmetto Moonshine store for a free moonshine tasting.  Great fun.

Our next item of business was food.  Clara wanted to find a place on the water that had u peel shrimp.  After many tries and driving past endless condos in Myrtle beach and since it was getting late we gave up.  Sure enough we saw a sign for the type of place we were looking for.  We made the right turn and lo and behold found a restaurant.  Nothing to look at but the food was good.  I forgot to take a pic since we had been so intent on finding a place.  Now on to Wilmington.  We arrived at the hotel at 5:30 and we were going out to dinner with Beverly’s friends at 6.  We met her friends and had a nice dinner.  She owns and operates a small restaurant in downtown Wilmington.  After dinner she took us downtown to show 

  us her restaurant.  Even though it was dark we got to see the downtown area and some of the old homes. We got back to the hotel around 10:30.  Tomorrow we are heading to Williamsburg.

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  1. Laurie

    Well now I’m sure your having a ball between the hog maws and Moonshine!! Enjoying the blog . Feels like I get to travel too. Keep having fun.

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