Dublin, Ireland – Day 2

Today we went on a tour to Tara and Newgrange. Tara was the place for the high kings of Ireland. There are no structures now, but archeologists have been able to determine what it would have been like. First pic is at Tara. We continued on to Newgrange which is the site of a passage tomb. The burial tomb is based on the winter solstice. We were able to go inside the tomb and there was a demonstration of what it would be like on the solstice. This was fascinating. Newgrange predates Stonehedge by 500 years. We went on a Mary Gibbons tour and apparently there is a lot if information on her website as well as on www.newgrangetours.com. This is all to complicated to explain here. We passed through The Village
of Slane – a town of historical significance but more importantly the hometown of Pierce Brosnan.
When we got back to Dublin we went to the Jameson Distillery for a tour. This was also fun. On the way to the distillery we passed the Dublin Spire. See pic. We then went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We both had burritos for dinner. Yes I know we are in Ireland and had Mexican food. Crazy thing is the food was really good.








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  1. Laurie

    WOW. Your travels just amazing. Since you’ve kept this blog up you can turn it into a book or at the very least a guide on touring Europe when you get home. George’s wedding Nov. 1st. You’ll be home in time. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip. See ya soon.

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