Edinburgh,Scotland – Day 2

We were going on a free tour of Edinburgh and has a few minutes to get a light breakfast. When they brought our drinks they brought the sugar with mini Oreos on the plate as pictured. We learned more of the history of Edinburgh. We also saw the school that was the inspiration for Hogwarts and the grave of Thomas Riddle – Voldemort. We also went by the Elephant room where J K Rowling wrote Harry Potter. We also went by the Greyfriars Bobby statue. It had started to rain during the tour and even though the rain stopped it was cold and windy. We stopped in a pub to warm up and Marsha had a “Beanie” – a baked potato topped with baked beans. I had haggis balls with a sweet chili sauce. The rain changed our plans because we were going to walk to the top of a hill that overlooks the city, but just too cold, windy and wet.