Glasgow, Scotland

We decided to do a round of golf in Scotland before we went to Glasgow. We took a bus to Glasgow and we are staying here overnight until we get a bus in the am to London. We are slowly making our way home. It is cold and windy in Glashow so we decided to hand dinner in the hotel. Appetizers – potato and leek soup and I had chicken wings. Main course – veggie burger and I had Thai red curry veggies. We were both full so we took dessert to our room to have as a snack later. We both ordered caramel apple crumble with custard sauce. Tomorrow we take a morning bus to London to get to Heathrow where we are staying for the night before our flights.








3 thoughts on “Glasgow, Scotland

  1. Laurie

    Well golfing in Scotland definately the thing to do. You look fabulous. I’m so thrilled you could have this adventure. Have a safe trip home.

  2. Frank and Peg

    What do you mean? We HAVE been with you every step of the way, didn’t you feel us tucked in your back pocket as you traveled the world and let us live vicariously through you and your trip? Have enjoyed every minute of your blog and every twist and turn you have taken. Can’t wait to see more and more photos and hear more and more details from you in person. Loved that you stayed at Fisher’s!!! Have a safe trip back home and do let us know how you are when you have had time to catch up on some rest and give your tired tootsies a rest! Love you, Frank and Peg

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