We arrived in Guatemala at 10:00 am and immediately went to our tour busses. I went on a 9 hour tour to see a Mayan ruin. This meant at least a 2 1/2 hour bus ride up into the mountains. The roads were good but as in any foreign country the drivers are crazy. We were ascending 7,000 feet up the mountain. 

I am now in Georgetown Grand Cayman trying to remember what we did on land after sitting doing nothing for several days on the ship,  

The trip up the mountain was really interesting because we went thru small towns.  Women walk with huge loaded baskets on their heads, men carry enormous loads of wood on their backs, donkeys loaded with goods and Cowboys riding horses were common sites.  We passed several pavilions with a fountain in the middle and stone basins surrounding the fountain.  We had no idea what these were until our guide asked the driver to drive slowly past one.  There was a woman putting a shirt into the basin – then she added water from the fountain and rubbed the shirt on the stone.  These must be laundromats!! 


The wifi on land isn’t that great so I may just have to finish the blog in 2 days when I get home.  Warning I have tons of pictures.  The Panama Canal was amazing.  See you on Sunday!  I actually know today is Friday.