Waiting for the parade


Today we headed for the bus station to go to Kamnik for the ethnic parade.  We arrived in time to see several performances on the stage.  Then we staked out a table so we would have a good viewing spot for the parade.  Several of us stayed at the table while the others were able to check out all the vendors. After the parade we returned to Ljubljana and decided to go to the  Skytower for dinner.  We got there, but the restaurant was closed.  All was not lost however because the lounge was open.  It was a lovely location with stunning views.  We had a drink at the lounge and then went looking for dinner.  We were told by our waiter that most restaurants were closed on Sunday so we didn’t have high hopes.  As we were walking to the town center we stumbled upon an upon restaurant.  We decided to take a chance.  It turned out well.  We had a wonderful Slovenian dinner.  No pictures of the food we were too hungry.  Then again it was late and we returned to the hotel.

Stage show


View from Skyytower lounge

Castle at night