Las VegasĀ 

We slept in – jet lag and late hous had taken their toll.  We then jumped in the car to head to Mount Charleston for lunch.  It is about 40 miles from Vegas in the mountains and a ski area. The ride was beautiful. We stopped in the parking lot of one of the lodges for a photo op then continued on to the Mt Charleston Lodge for lunch.  I had an elk burger – delicious.  After lunch we took another route to return to Vegas.  The scenery is stunning.  Vast valleys and you can see forever.  The pics may not reflect how beautiful it is because it was a bit hazy.  We returned to the hotel because they had a really nice dinner for us.  After dinner-it was about 8pm- we decided to stay in.  Beverly’s foot was hurting and my hip is killing me, so we took the night off. The bright side is we saved some money. 

View on way to mountains


Elk burger


scenic view


more scenery


still more scenery


heading to Vegas