Limerick/Cork, Ireland

We went back to Limerick on the train and got a hotel. We left our luggage and headed for Cork. Irish trains are great and have wifi. We. Went to Cork to go to Blarney Castle.





Some of the pictures were taken from the top of the castle while we we waiting to kiss the Blarney Stone. Yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone. See pic – I took the pic from the screen on Marsha’s camera.

The grounds of the castle are beautiful. While we were there the weather became colder and damper do we decided to head back before it got too late. We stopped into a restaurant and had tea and scones to warm up.

We arrived in Limerick about 8:30pm and it was raining. Since we were cold and tired we went to the Chinese take away a couple of doors away from our hotel. Sorry – no food pics. We then went to the hotel and were in for the night.

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  1. Steven ellmer

    Aunt betty said she kissed the blarney stone but carl wouldnt do it. She loved the castles they saw when they were there a long time ago.

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