We took a day trip to Lucerne. On the way there we went thru Zurich, but really didn’t see much. The train station has 54 tracks and they were doing construction so we continued on to Lucerne. The city is right on the lake and is quite pretty. The pics are of the old wooden bridge and I took a pic of some of the artwork in the rafters. Er walked around the lake on a beautiful path. There were a lot of people out walking and there were benches lining the path and trees to provide shade along the route. There must have been a thousand swans in the lake. Everything was really quite pretty. The pics are scenery across the lake except the one of Marsha and her friend. A lot is closed in Europe on Sunday so it was a low key day. We bought our dinner at the train station because we thought everything would be closed in Interlacken when we got back. Also we are just trying to use the money we have and not get a few francs from an ATM because of fees. Tomorrow is a long train trip to Nice. I wrote the beginning of the blog on the train and did not expect a scenic railway trip of Switzerland. See last 5 pics they were taken from the train. The last 3 are waterfalls.