Puerto Vallarta

IWe have spent two days at sea and on the third day docked in Puerto Vallarta.  The ship looks like an assisted living facility.  Canes, walkers and mobility carts.  Everyone sits around reading and the bars are empty at 9:00pm.  That said I’m having a great time.  I met a really nice group of people and we kind of hang out together- don’t go to bed at 8:00.

The first day I saw in the program a knitting group, so I showed up.  It was for people who brought their projects with them – so that left me out.  However, one of the women said she had knitting needles and some yarn and asked me if I would make a block for her project.  I’m now in the group and everyone is friendly and nice.  A group of us were going to zip line in Pueto Vallarta – so knitters zip line!

Also on the ship is a quilting group. They have sewing machines and a nationally recognized teacher, Sue Hausman.  We talked to them and got a lot of information and I had my picture taken with Sue Hausman.  My roommate Carla and her friends are great.  I also met Rose and we have been getting into trouble together but having a good time. I’m know this all sounds boring but it isn’t. I’ve played trivia in the Crow’s Nest lounge and met a ton of people.

Onward to the Zip Line.  It was great!!!! Can’t wait to do it again.  I kept spinning on the regular zip lines, but it all worked out.  I did one upside down and it was fantastic!!!! When they caught me at the end they told me to stand up – problem was I was so disoriented I couldn’t tell which way was up.  Then there is rappelling.  I was so scared I thought my heart stopped when I stepped off the platform into nothing.  Five seconds later I was rappelling and it was wonderful.  There was another 90 foot drop.  I knew how to do this now and had such a good time. Sorry we weren’t allowed to take pictures and they were really expensive to buy. 

San Diego from the ship