Rome – Day 3

We set out to see the remaining sites by foot.  By the end of the day we can truthfully say we have seen all of Rome.  We started out in the wrong direction but eventually got on the right track.  We were by the Circus Maximus where there was a Run for the Cure for cancer.  Many of the streets were closed which made walking easy, but traffic was a nightmare again.  After walking several hours and nearing the Pantheon we stopped for an Aperol spritzer at a sidewalk cafe.

 After our break we set out for the Pantheon.  We went inside for a look and continued walking.

 By this time we were heading back to our hotel.  We had seen most of the plazas and sights and would continue to see them as we walked.  As I said we saw most if not all of the Roman sights.  Upon our return we sat in the courtyard with our wine and shared experiences with the other guests.  We just had a light dinner and had fun talking to the guests at our hotel.

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