The courtyard is at our hotel and it is quite lovely.  I should also mention I bought something in the duty free shop and in the confusion surrounding the flight I forgot to pick it up at the gate.  I have the receipt and will see if the will give me a refund on my return trip.

But to continue after our arrival and check in we went to the Colosseum.  Shirley wanted to see the interior so we waited in an endless line (at least an hour) for tickets.  We decided then that we would get a fast pass for the Vatican Museum on Sarurday.  The fast pass lets you go to the head of the line.  We toured the Colosseum for most of the afternoon. We returned to the hotel and found a little grocery store and also a cafe at the end of the block. We bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store and a sandwich at the cafe for a snack.  We brought them back to our hotel.  The front desk opened the wine and we went into the courtyard for a snack and some wine.  In the courtyard we met a couple from Australia who are also tourists enjoying a glass of wine.  We chatted for quite a while and it was most enjoyable.  We then decided to tour our surroundings.  We went back up the street to the main thoroughfare.  There were restaurants, pizza places and gelato shops.  We stopped for some gelato and then decided to call it s night.  We were glad to finally have a bed.