Athens, Greece – Day 2

We went to the Acropolis today to see the Parthenon. The first few pics are of Athens as we were going up to the Acropolis. We stayed there for several hours- I have many, many pics on my camera. As usual it was hot but there was really a strong wind which kept us cool. On the way down we walked thru the ancient city of Agora and visited a museum. Then we went to see the Greek guards. See pics.






After that we took the subway to the bus depot to see if we could go to Cape Sounion to see Poisideon’s Temple. We could so we got on a bus which drove ongoing the coast for 2 hours to get to Cape Sounion. The view was great. The bus followed the coastline of the Aegean Sea. Half the fun is the bus ride – seemingly speeding bus drivers on narrow winding and switchback roads. It is even better at night. Poisideon’s Temple was fabulous and the views breathtaking. Again I have many more pics on my camera. There was a restaurant there, so we decided to eat something because we would not get back to Athens until 11pm. I forgot that everyone goes to Cape Sounion to watch the sunset. Marsha and I had a bread salad and Stephanie had a Greek salad. Again it is 11:30 and we are discussing what to do tomorrow.



Almost forgot – Cape Sounion had gale force winds. Breezy does not describe how strong the wind was blowing. As we were waiting for the return bus the lights went on to illuminate the Temple. It was really stunning. We all took several pics, but the wind was blowing so hard we are not sure if they came out clearly enough

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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    What a couple of grand days you have had. It looks like you are there at the best time of the year?

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