We had an invite for coffee with a woman from Singapore whom we met on the train, but we were headed to the train station to go to Belgium and were not able to meet. We took the tube to the Eurostar train to Brussels. Then we has to change trains to get to Brugge. Only problem was we did not know where to catch the train to Brugge. We were in a totally new train station and everything is in Flemish. Oh, did I mention we only had 16 minutes. Don’t worry- we were either good or very lucky. We made the train with 3 minutes to spare. Andre, our host met us and took us to his B & B. we are really staying in their home and it is very nice. Then we took a bus to the center of Brugge. What a charming town. It was late and we needed to eat before it got too late and everything closed. We took some pictures, but plan on serious touristing tomorrow. Food was good, but beer was terrific, Belgium does have good beer. We took the late bus back and went to a restaurant around the corner for a beer. I should mention there are bicycles everywhere. It is a main means of transportation. One of the tour brochures Is to funny and says that it is Ok to be a kamakazi cyclist and run over tourists. We are only am hour bike ride from the ocean, but don’t know if we will have time to do that. I have allergies that are killing me, so I took an antihistamine. Again it is 10:30 when I am writing this.