Brugge – Day 2

We got up and had a lovely breakfast. We hopped a bus to the center of Brugge, the old section. We planned to do several tours. The first tour was of the brewery, the only one still making beer in Brugge. The tour was very informative about Belgian beers. It also included a rooftop view of the city-see picture. The steps down in the brewery were so steep we had to go down backwards. Then we were off on foot to the lace museum. On the way we stopped at the windmills-see picture. Marsha is taking a picture of a windmill while I was taking a picture of the next one. At the lace museum there was several women making lace- see picture. It appears to be a very lengthy and painstaking process. The museum had rooms of absolutely gorgeous lace. Then we headed back to do the chocolate tour. Unfortunately we were too late for the last tour. In an effort to improve our nutrition we each had a huge plate of French fries with mayonnaise. We walked around town taking in more sights (plenty of pics on my camera). Several hours had passed by this time and naturally we had to add something to make our healthy food tour complete. Belgian waffles and ice cream was our choice. Delicious!!! We walked some more and there was a flea market in one of the squares. We were walking around the flea market when one of the vendors tried to sell me something and I said
“Sorry, I don’t speak English”. I think I may have been in too many countries already. It was getting late and we thought we should head back to the
B & B. Of course we would need to get a late night snack. Belgian chocolate of course. So we hit all the Belgian food groups. I forgot to mention the brewery tour included a glass of beer. So we had beer, French fries (invented in Belgium), waffles and chocolate. We are off to Frankfurt tomorrow. The last picture is the house where we are staying.





3 thoughts on “Brugge – Day 2

  1. Laurie

    OMG I’m laughing like crazy. Obviously your sleep deprived and loosing it. I know sampling the foods was something you were really looking forward to so enjoy. As long as you can keep the combination down. I’m learning a lot about geography following you and had no clue what Flemish language was but google explained. Your travels are amazing. Can’t wait to see what’s next. I’m thinking Germany soon and that more beer. Better not try the bicycles unless you can find another beverage to drink. Lol. Take care and have fun!!

  2. Joseph Ellmer

    WOW! French Fries and dark beer. Oh boy!
    The lace picture was interesting. Our grandmoms did that a long time ago.

    Hope you get to see der Strevelpater (sp) in Frankfort.

  3. Steven ellmer

    I think this is great! This is like reading a book about someone that i personally know. Dont wear yourself out , reading this does make it seem like alot in a little time. We all love you and keep you in mind alot. My mom just loves that she can see what your seeing and read about what your doing. We have come a long way since the days of the post card. Tomorrow is the 4th of july but i guess they dont celebrate that over there. Enjoy yourself barbara we will keep following. I also gave my sister sue your blog address. Hope she leaves you replies. Love you.

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