We got up and had a nice breakfast with the other guests at the B & B, a couple from Britain and a couple from France. We grabbed our luggage and headed for the bus to take us to the train station. Rode the train to Brussels where we had a 4 hr layover. We put our bags in a locker and headed for the center square – see pics. They were getting ready for some sort big festival tonight. We were walking to the most famous statue in Brussels when a waffle stand jump directly in front of us.
Of course we had to carb up for the train trip – see pics. Marsha had a waffle with chocolate and I had one with cherry sauce. Unfortunately In the pic Marsha’s fork looks like it is going up her nose. The fruit syrups here are not very sweet so they don ‘t hide the flavor of the waffle. Then off to the famous statue of the “Manniquin Piss”. Unfortunately, no peeing today
but see pic of statue dressed in costume. Them back to the train station and off to Frankfurt.