Delta works

Last night we were in the lounge dancing. There is a picture of some food and of the port we were in.
Today we boarded buses at 8:30am and the ship left to meet us at the next docking station. We first went to the town of Veere, a charming little town with a few small shops. To get there we drove on the top of the dykes. As I said before everything is below sea level and you get a clear picture of what a battle it is to keep the North Sea from reclaiming the land.
We then went to the Delta Works. This is the giant flood control system that prevents storm surge from flooding the Netherlands. This project was started after a flooding storm killed 1,835 people in 1953. The project was finished in 1986 and is still considered an engineering marvel. We drove across these gates to get to the Watersnood Museum which has lots of documentation of the flood and the Delta project. Then we drove to the next port to catch up with the ship.