We made it! We were an hour late, but that didn’t matter since we are spending the night in Dresden. We could only get reservations for 2nd class which meant we slept in seats. Don’t panic they are roomy and recline a lot – much better than an airplane. At 11:30 the lights went out and everyone settled down to sleep, only bad thing was every time the train stopped we all woke up. The train did not stop often fortunately. When we got to Dresden we had to figure out how to get to our hotel – the U-Bahn ( a kind of el). We found the hotel and it is charming!!!! See pic.


We are now sitting in the little garden having a beer (local Dresden beer
and a wine (local). The menu looks great! They are so accommodating. The restaurant is hosting a wedding so we are trying to make it easy on the kitchen. I am sure we will eat well. Back to Dresden
After we checked in we headed to the old city. We saw the historical Grünes Gewöble (Baroque treasure chamber). Lots of gold, silver, jewels etc.- of course no pictures- in fact we had to check our purses. While walking thru the town there were quite a few bachelor and bachelorette parties. One of these parties stopped us and the groom asked us to donate to his wedding- see pic.

We walked around most of Dresden seeing the sites. See pics. There are many,many churches here. At the Hofkirche there is a restored Silverman organ that is world renowned. We went to the church for a 4pm performance, but the schedule had been changed. It seemed as though many other people read the same date and time on the net since there were a lot of people waiting around the organ.
We walked around town some more – there are many beautiful buildings and it was a lovely day. I have a lot of pics on my camera. Then we decided to return to the hotel. Both of us were a little tired from all the traveling the day before.
Well- we did eat well. Marsha had a Camembert cheese w/cranberry as an appetizer and the salad pictured that has goat cheese. I had pork medallions, sausage, chicken and small schnitzel over potatoes with onions and a salad. Food was great!!!!!







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