Milan – continued

We got up early and went to see the “Last Supper”. Only 25 people are allowed in at a time and at 15 minute intervals. Of course no pics. Then we went to see the Sforza Castle. Very pretty outside but not much on the inside. Then we walked to the Duoma (church) and toured the inside. They were very strict about dress code here/ no shorts or bare shoulders. It is almost as large as Notre Dame but the ceiling has to be higher. We also toured La Scala. That was really neat. We were able to see the theater and not just the museum. It reminded me of the Academy of Music in Phila. The museum was really interesting! We were only allowed to take pictures in a certain section and that was of costumes in various opera productions. The pictures are from Aida. By this time we had seen most of Milan’s hot spots so we went to the hotel to pick up our luggage and headed for the train station. We are now on a train to Zurich (54 track train station) where we will change trains to go to Dresden. We get on the train at approx 8pm in Zurich and arrive at 8am in Dresden.
We are now on the overnight train to Dresden. We bought some wine in Milan, but since our train from Milan was an hour late getting to Zurich and we really thought we were gong to miss the train to Dresden we are going to have some on the train. Oh, I forgot to mention we made the Dresden train with a minute to spare! Now the language is back to German. Just when we can figure out what they are saying on the TV we change countries not channels. Not many pictures because we weren’t allowed to take them in a lot of places.




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  1. Laurie

    WOW trying to follow you gals on a map I feel like I’ve been drinking nothing but wine and beer for a month!! I’m sure there’s a method to your madness but the most recent trip from Milan to Zurich to Dresden is puzzling since you were already over that part of Germany? This is part of our fun trying to figure out where Barbara and Marsha are headed next? There’s probably money to be made here in an online game called TTS (Track the Seniors). And you could throw in obstacles like too much beer at dinner last night means who knows where they’ll go next!!! LOL. Just having fun. Hope you well and having fun.

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