Florence/Pisa Itsly

After breakfast we decided to take a train to Pisa to see the tower. It is amazing how much it is leaning. We took our pics and toured the Cathedral and Baptistry and headed back to Florence. We were in time to do the free walking tour of the Medicis. Then we walked to Michelangelo’s burial place. By then we were ready for our late afternoon break. After our break we took a bus to Piazza Michelangelo to see an overview of the city.



We took a city bus from Piazza Michelangelo back to the city. This ride was better than a tour bus – it went all thru the city and we saw many different places that tourists usually don’t see. Than we went to the train station to check on schedules for San Marino. We had to make reservations and the train personnel were very helpful. Then we thought we should eat dinner because we will have to be up and at the train station early in order to catch our train. We were walking and believe it or not there were not many restaurants on our route. When we were close to the hotel we found a restaurant and just went in. The worst that could happen is we don’t like the food. What a gem of a place. The food was different than the usual Italian fare and it was great. Marsha had a puréed bean soup and the buffet and I had an assortment of meat, cheese and grilled vegetables. Mine wasn’t even on the menu. We liked the place so much we took pics of the menu. I hope you can read it. As I said tomorrow is an early day, so it’s time to get some sleep.







3 thoughts on “Florence/Pisa Itsly

  1. Frank & Peg

    As usual, you have made my mouth water with your photos! Loved getting to read their menu — I’ll have one of everything on it. Yum! Your photo of the Leaning Tower was spectacular – I felt like I was right there. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Love, peg

  2. Phyllis Stapleton

    Hi Barbara & Marsha, I just wanted to let you know I love reading about & seeing the pictures of the places you have been to on your trip. The picture of you throwing the coins in the fountain shows that all that walking is keeping you in nice shape. I love the ancient architecture.and the Bone Church was amazing

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