San Marino

We are now in the Republic of San Marino. It is the oldest republic in the world. We took a bus from Rimini, Italy to San Marino. It was all uphill – thank goodness we didn’t walk. Here are a couple of pictures from our hotel balcony.


We checked in and this town does require going uphill as you will see. We went to see the changing of the guard at the palace – this is our 6th or 7th changing of the guard – then walked around town for a little bit. See picture of one of the streets.



Then we decided to go up the towers. Yes it was uphill again. We were on the top of the tower in the pic and then went to another tower and went up that one. The view is spectacular. I have many more pics on my camera.

Of course now it is time for dinner. The good here is Italian which makes sense since the Republic (country) is surrounded by Italy. We found a nice Italian restaurant and Marsha had an assortment of cheeses with jams and I had pasta with sausage and mushrooms. We then walked around town some more and went into a liquor store that sold cordials only made in San Marino. The clerk gave us samples and it was good. We are back early since we are traveling to Ravenna, Italy tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “San Marino

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    We got your card from Greece today. Wolfgang liked the picture, and the card is now his.

  2. Steven ellmer

    Still loving all the pics and comments. My mom cant believe how good the food looks. Its sunday , labor day weekend, suzie and mike are here visiting mom and enjoying the company. Everyone says high and loving your trip blog. We love you, barbara, keep it up!

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