The day started cold and rainy so we decided to go to the US Embassy to check on a few rules we need to clarify. We took the U Bahn (subway) and it was under construction. We walked quite a distance in the rain and found the Embassy but it closed at noon and we got there at 1pm. We then returned to our B&B for the afternoon because it was raining quite hard. It stopped raining in the evening so we set out to find a restaurant for dinner. We went and crossed the river, Main. See pics. Naturally we found a nice restaurant, the Strewwelpeter, I had liver dumplings with kraut and mashed potatoes and Marsha had fried potato cakes with mushroom sauce and kraut. See pics. It was after 10 so we headed back across the river. See pic. Tomorrow is Koblenz with the Kortmanns.






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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    told our massage therapist that you were traveling Europe for 4 months and she was impressed. From what I can understand, you two are so busy keeping on the go, that you’ll not gain any weight with the great dinners and desserts.

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