Happy 4th of July!!! We took the train from Frankfurt to Koblenz. The first part of the trip was thru mostly industrial areas. Then the train ran parallel to the Rhine river. Stunning scenery with castles high above the river and picturesque towns along the river bank. When we got to Koblenz we were met by the Kortmanns. Only Dominic and his mother,Michaela were able to meet us. They drove us to the Koblenz palace which is right on the river and we took a boat ride on the Rhine. See pics. We took many pics both on the phone and with the camera. We ate lunch at a restaurant along the river and I took pics of everyone’s food. Marsha and I also had a glass of Ahr valley red wine. We are unable to get this wine in the US. Then a cable car ride up to the fortress. It is also huge with many lookout places. We spent approximately 2-3 hours on top of the mountain looking at the museum, fortress and scenery. Then we took the cable car back down and walked along the Rhine some more. We had a wonderful visit with the Kortmanns whose hospitality is unsurpassed. I am writing this on the train back to Frankfurt so it is only 7:30 I forgot to mention that we went to Deutch’s Eck or Germany’s corner where the Mosel and Rhine rivers meet. You can see this on the pics.