Heading home

i am sitting in the Tampa airport waiting to board for my next trip so I thought I would tell you about our last day on the last trip. My memory is sketchy and we spent a lot of time on the road heading south.  Of course we had to stop at a winery.  We saw a sign for one and turned down that road.  It did not look promising.  The property was nice, but there were no cars.  We went in and Mary the woman who did the tasting told us her father owned the farm and he used to grow tobacco.  When that crop was no longer profitable they contacted several wineries in the area and converted some of the land to grapes.  The farm is100 acres and the winery is a family run business. A couple of their wines have even won awards.  It was a very interesting and enjoyable stop.  Also the wine was quite good. 


We continued  south but took rural roads.  Travel was good and the scenery spectacular-the azaleas, dogwoods, tulips and annuals were all in full bloom.  Much more scenic than I-95.  The time line may be a little off but it is really just the highlights of our trip back.  When we crossed into Florida Marsha suggested we eat lunch in Fernandina Beach. Great idea!!  What a charming town.  Definitely a place to come back to.  We found a Mexican restaurant and had a pitcher of margueritas and food.


As I said we are waiting for our flight to Atlanta and then on to Rome.  Will keep you posted on our travels.