We took the train to Heidelberg again. We checked into our hotel which is very nice and near the old city. (See pic of remote for TV). We set out for a Deutches bank so we could get money. We had a map and general directions, but we must have asked 6 people and walked 10 miles in circles before we found it. It was only a block away from where we had been walking in circles. Boy, did we feel stupid. We the headed for the castle. Fortunately not that many stairs today. There is a funicular to the castle and then the original one-106 year old- to the top of the mountain .there is a great deal of restoration going on at the castle, but the view is still great. See pics. We also saw the great wine cask that holds 228,000 liters of wine. It is bigger than my pool! We the went to the original funicular – see pics. The top if the mountain is spectacular. We had a small snack at the restaurant at the top of the mountain then headed back down. See pic. We went to the old bridge across the Neckar (pics on my camera). We walked thru the old town for several hours and then decided to grab a bite before it got too late. It was already 8pm. Marsha had spinach ravioli, but I wasn’t very hungry so I just ordered a salad. See pics. I just can’t believe how pretty the food presentation is, plus they gave me some bruschetta. We are now back at the hotel trying to figure out how to work the shower, Tomorrow is Strasbourg.