We looked up castles and castle ruins on the net and found out that there were several 2 train stops away. Of course we went on the train got off at the stop,Neckarsteinach, and started walking. We saw 3 castles on the top of the mountain but one looked lived in so we continued to the next. We found a path (trail?) that led up and up and up. I should mention the first photo is of Hirschhorn Castle from the train station. The next pic is the stairs to cross the tracks so you would get an idea of what I am talking about at the train stations. The next pic is the view from the top of the castle ruins. Yes, we made it to the top!!! We went down from the tower at the ruins and followed another path that we thought might lead us to other castle ruins. It seemed that we were always going up. We followed the path for approx an hour, but it did not look promising. However, it was in the shade and the trail was cool but we finally gave up and turned around. Now we were finally going down. But we followed a wrong path and one tree looks like another but we were going down so we continued. We eventually wound up in the town where we began and just happened to be in front of a bakery. Marsha got the raspberry cake and I got the Vienna tort. See pics. The ladies in the bakery cut us huge pieces and we could not finish them. By then it was mid afternoon so we decided to board the train and go to Heidelberg to scout it out since we are going there tomorrow. We walked to the old city from the train station (quite a ways). There were so many bicycles it made Brussels look bike deprived. I took a picture of one streets with the bicycles parked, but this is every street everywhere in the city of Heidelberg. We went back to the train station to go to Hirschhorn. We stopped in the city for dinner, see pic of Marsha’s dinner but I am just too full to eat. After dinner we had to go up the mountain to our room. Marsha and I have decided that if we keep doing all these stairs and walking we will be tough old ladies when we return home.








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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    Maybe you could rent a bike if you could check your luggage? That’s probably easier said than done. Your legs and back will be in great shape.

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