Hirschhorn Castle

We took the 5th train and made it to Hirschhorn. We took a cab up to the castle because we thought the climb would be too hard with our luggage. You will agree when you see the pics. We checked in and went to our room on the 4th floor of the hotel and yes we carried our bags upstairs. See photo of view from our room. Then we walked down the mountain to the town and then walked along the Neckar river. See pic of partial trail up and down the mountain. We watched an oil barge pass thru the lock on the river which was really interesting. We had dinner reservations for 7pm on the terrace of the castle so we climbed up the mountain. It was a beautiful day and quite warm. We got ready for dinner and went to eat. Marsha had pasta with local mushrooms that are in season now. I had beef stuffed with fois gras on purple potatoes with baby asparagus and truffle creme brûlée. By now you can guess we are going to have bread and water tomorrow. See pics. There is also a pic of Marsha on the terrace – you can see the ambiance. There is also a pic of the castle from the river. It is almost in the middle of the pic at the top of the hill. There is also a pic of a barge moored for the night, I guess waiting to go thru the lock tomorrow. We are thinking of hiking in the mountains looking for castle ruins tomorrow. There are supposed to be a lot of ruins around here. It is an early night (10:15) because it is Sunday. That’s OK we will get an early start tomorrow. Breakfast is at 8am.








2 thoughts on “Hirschhorn Castle

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    Again, WOW! There must be very few bugs, it seems you are eating outdoors often. Still enjoying the photos and narrative.

  2. Steven ellmer

    You must be turning into new yorkers! You guys walk and take trains everywhere. The food looks like pictures from a magazine. Aunt betty got your postcard from belgium. She already saw your newer blogs with joe on friday. She said she can only imagine what the sausage tastes like. Keep us tuned in ,this is wonderful!

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