Japan  – Kyoto

When we got up this morning the temperature was 32degrees-not good if the cherry blossoms are to bloom.  Again another Buffet breakfast with too much food.  We went first to the Heian Shrine with an beautiful large garden.  Next we went to the Kinkakuji Temple (Golden pavilion) that also has a beautiful garden.  Next was the Ryoan-hi Rock Garden.  Yes another garden but no cherry blossoms.  All these gardens are lovely.  Then we went to the Nishijin Textile Center for a kimono fashion show.  The silk is breathtaking in these garments.   Then we went to the Giom district in hopes of finding a Geisha, but no luck.  We did not see any Geishas.  Then we went to dinner – a dish called shabu-shabu – similar to sukiyaki but not quite the same.  We got back to the hotel at approx 8pm.   We start tomorrow on Kyoto and will spend the night in Osaka.  I should mention that I have a lot of pics on my camera.