Japan – Tokyo to Koyto

Of course we started the day with another buffet breakfast.  I usually have some curry along with other taste treats.  These breakfasts offer an unusual assortment of food and of course I have to try it all.  Then we left for the Tokyo Kaikan Museum.  The museum displays a large variety of cars – past and present. After the museum we were headed to Kyoto.  We stopped at a barbecue restaurant. It was really a fast food where you picked your meats and grilled them at the table. There was a large assortment of meats, vegetables, soup and desserts.  See pic.  Then we went to a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. This ceremony involved the preparation of green tea. It was nice but I really don’t care for the tea.  I think it was  










 what we were served at the museum the other day.  Then we were off to the Kiyomizu Temple.  By now it was cold and windy and it was late in the day so it was really cold.  The Temple garden was beautiful even though the cherry blossoms were not out yet.  It has been cold the past two days so we are hoping for warmer weather so the buds will bloom.  After the garden we went to our hotel to check in and we were on our own for the night.  Marsha and I really weren’t hungry so we walked to the mall down the street.  On the way back we saw a restaurant and decided to get a little something before we returned to the hotel.  When we went it we had to order and pay on a computer.  We did and I had a beer and Marsha had a salad.   See pic of food and menu screen. Back at the hotel I had to take a picture of the toilet.  These toilets have the control panels of a 747 jet.  We got to bed about 11pm so an early night for us.  I should also mention all the TV channels are in Japanese.