Japan Tour – Day 2

From Mt Fuji we proceeded to Hakone an area with hot springs since this is an active volcanic area.  At at Hakone the water is boiling and the Japanese boil white eggs in the sulfuric water.  When the eggs are done the shells are black. We purchased some eggs because if you eat one you will live seven years longer.  There is a pic of Marsha taking a pic of her egg.  By the way when we got the eggs they were too hot to hold for long without burning our hands. This was all great fun.  We left this area by the “ropeway” which is a suspended gondola.

Then we boarded the bus to go to the Shinkansen bullet train.   We got to the train station and got our tickets.  The train ride was great, but waiting on the platform for the train was the most fun.  Several bullet trains sped through this station and it was better than drag racing.  There are so many pics I’ll have to continue on part 3.