Japan Tour – Day 2

it is 5am on day 3 when I am writing this.  We had an extremely busy day yesterday starting again with another huge buffet breakfast.   The flower arrangement was in the lobby of the hotel and made with real flowers.   We then boarded the bus to go towards Mt Fuji.  It was a long ride with a stop at a rest stop.  Then on to the Peace Park.  This place is beautiful with a great view of Mt Fuji.  The Peace Park has many temples and the grounds are just beautiful.  The Japanese are wonderful gardeners.  This short blurb does not due justice of the Peace Park.  We then continued on to Mt Fuji.  There was a lot of snow on the ground as we made our way up the mountain.  Of course it was very cold.   We stopped at a designated area to take pics from the mountain.

Of course on the way we had to stop for lunch.   I’ll send this portion and continue in part 2.