Japan Tour – Day 2 part 3

After the bullet train ride we went to our hotel at Kanzaiji Onsen where we had a traditional Japanese Kaiseki banquet.   Needless to say it was fabulous.  This is a hotel with traditional tatiami rooms.  Before we entered the dining room we had to remove our shoes  – the same with our room.  The dining room was beautiful. I felt I should change into nicer clothes before we sat down to eat.   Needless to say we had a wonderful meal and I would tell you all that we ate, but I have no idea what anything was except it was delicious.  Then we had a chance to soak in the therapeutic waters of a spa bath.  We had to go to the bath,  remove all of our clothes, shower and go into the water nude.  The water was very warm and felt great.   It was an experience way out of my comfort zone, but I would do it again in minute.  I should say the baths are separated by sex.  No men with the women and Vice versa.  I still feel great this morning.  Before we went to the bath we took off our clothes and put on the “pajamas” provided.  See pic.  I also took a pic of our room.  Marsha and I slept like babies.  It is almost time for breakfast again and another day of seeing this wonderful country.


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  1. Shirley

    I’m following along on your travels. took some pix of your pix to show at bowling yesterday.

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