Kalabaka, Greece

We arrived in Kalabaka and checked into our charming hotel. This town is also a delight – not the big city tourist town. When we got off the train we needed to find our hotel, but had no map. Stephanie stayed with the suitcases while Marsha and I went up the hill (of course) to town to find the hotel. We bumped into some Japanese tourists we met on the train and they had a guidebook of Kalabaka with a map. The book was in Japanese, but Marsha looked at the map and found the way to the hotel. This city is known for the monasteries that are located on top of the mountains. The 1st 2 pics are the view from our balcony.
By the time we checked in it was 4pm and the owner of the hotel told us to take a taxi and the most scenic route to the monasteries. It was beautiful. We took some pictures from the taxi window. There is also a picture of Marsha and Stephanie in their Sunday best. We had to put on the skirts so we could enter the monastery. We also walked down the mountain. It took us over an hour because the footing was not always the best. I have a ton of pictures on my camera. We ate dinner in town, but I was hungry and tired and forgot to take pictures. Stephanie had moussaka, Marsha had an eggplant medley, and I had eggplant stuffed with meat and cheese. We then went to the hotel because we have an 8am train. It is now Friday morning and we are at a little train station waiting for our connecting train to Athens. The people here are friendly and trying to teach us Greek. I will upload this when I get WIFI. One of the men at the station gave us a melon ft his farm. A nice gesture, but we are trying to lighten out load, not carry heavy melons.






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