Thessaloniki, Greece

We took an 11am bus from Sofia to Thessalonikia. The bus was a nice, clean, air conditioned tour bus with only 5 passengers. Right after we were on the road a “stewardess” for lack of a better word came around and gave us water, a fruit muffin, and a wet nap. The route was mostly on a brand new highway system. We made 2 scheduled stops in very little towns in Bulgaria and then did the border crossing which only took 5 minutes for customs to clear us. When we arrived at Thessalonikia it was at a remote bus station. They transported us to the main city bus station. We found the bus we needed to take to our hotel – the driver was a great help – we were checked in by 6pm. Then we hit the streets again. Again it was hot! We are much further south and it shows in the temp. We took in some of the sights – see pics- The pic of the statue Stephanie thought looked like the 3 of us looking at a map. About 9pm we stopped for dinner – Greek salad, roasted peppers and tzasitki. The restaurant had musicians playing music. Greeks are party people. Marsha and I had some Ouzo, and then our waiter brought us dessert on the house. We returned to the hotel because tomorrow we are going Kalambaka.






Still having a good time.