We are at again only on London. We took the Eurostar and it is fast. My guess is it does an average speed of 180mph. Only problem is I can’t stay awake on the trains. They are quiet and comfortable and even though I’m not tired, I fall asleep. We got to London and had to get British pounds and get Oyster cards for the subway. Then we went to our hotel and checked in. Then off we went to the Tower of London. See pictures. The Beefeater tour is great! The Crown Jewels are magnificent. Plus there is so much gold it is unbelievable. Then back to the tube. We rode the red line, yellow line, green line, Piccadilly line and the Jubilee line. Not all on one trip but we sure got around town. Wimbledon is being played now and there are huge crowds for that. At one point I thought someone was trying to figure out how many people can fit in a subway car they were all that crowded. Then on one an announcement came that a connecting line was stopped because a person was run over by a train. When we left Paris it was cold and raining but when we got to London it was warm and sunny but then it started to drizzle and get cold. We had a delicious meal at an Indian restaurant and then off to the London Eye. I saw Big Ben and Parliament with Westminster Abby in the background. The view from the eye is amazing and I took a lot of pictures with my camera. We are deciding what we will do tomorrow.






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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    I agree with you on trains. I like them also.

    Was the beefeater giving a lecture of sorts?

    I guess you’ll try the fish and chips .

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