London – Day 2

We woke up to cold and rainy weather, so we decided to do laundry until it stopped raining. We met all kinds of interesting people in the laundromat. We met a couple from Australia who are traveling around the world with their 3 kids. We also met a woman who was traveling alone and she just came from India and Turkey. I need to add that we have met so many people from Australia that the country must be empty. While we were doing the wash the rain let up a little. We decided to go to Hampton Court (palace). It’s about 30 miles outside of the city, do we headed to the train station and took a train there. See picture. The place was a wonder. We could have spent a week there it was that interesting. We came to London and had a great Italian dinner. Go figure Italian in London. We were so hungry I forgot to take a picture. Then off to the Globe Theater to see the Tempest. We had the cheap standing seats, but enjoyed it so much we stayed for the whole 3 hours. We walked across the Millennium Bridge to catch the tube and I got some nice pictures of London at night. There’s another bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Shard. I have more pictures on my camera. Yes, I can see you messages, but would like your permission to post them, because they would be in the public domain. Making plans for tomorrow. The days are flying by. I can’t believe I’m writing this at midnight.





2 thoughts on “London – Day 2

  1. Laurie

    Oh my gosh I got a little behind for a day and you left Paris and off to England. 450 KM. If I don’t pay attention and don’t check for a week you’ll be through six countries. Lol. Wow your sure whirl winding Europe. Love the blog and being able to follow your travels. Sure does look like fun, but exhausting. Since you keep meeting Australians take notes. That’s one place that’s on my bucket list. You can definitely post my comments that’s fine with me. Keep on enjoying and having a ball. My Lightning had to buy out Vinny Lecavier’s contract so I’ve been distraught the last two days. 🙁 . Sometimes business not fun! Can’t wait to see where you off to tomorrow. Take care.

  2. Joseph Ellmer

    Keep the pictures and commentary coming. I look forward each day to see what you have done. The night shots were neat.

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