Padua, Italy – Day 2

We had reservations to go to the Scrovegni Chapel in the morning. No pics allowed – in fact we had to wait in an ante room until the atmosphere was stable enough to open the door to the chapel. It is of course beautiful and I would urge everyone to look it up on the net. Then we walked to the train station and took a train to Vicenza. There we saw the Teatro Olimpico. This place is amazing! It was designed by Palladio, a leading architect in his time. He designed many buildings in Vicenza and other Italian cities. See pic of theater.


Palladio also designed the building in the other pic. We then went to the Palladio museum housed in the Palazzo Barbaran da Porto. I learned more about architecture than I will ever need. The museum had models of all his famous designs. I am suffering from information overload. Next we walked across the entire city of Vicenza to see the Villa Capra Valmarana “La Rotonda”
This building is supposed to be the concept Thomas Jefferson used when he built Monticello and Poplar Forest. Palladio built the rotunda in 1560. All of this was extremely interesting. See pics of “Rotonda “.


We took a bus back to the train station. We boarded the train to Padua and while we were on the train we decided to go to Venice for dinner. Sorry no pics of the food. We both had pizza and all the restaurants have wood fired brick ovens to make the pizza. I did get to see the Grand Canal, but we will tour Venice on another day. Tomorrow is another adventure.

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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    La Rotunda is very similiar to Monticello and Poplar Forest. Isn’t it odd that these buildings are still stnading and many newer ones are not?

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