Padua/Venice – Day 3

We went to the train station in the morning and the next train left for Venice, so that’s where we went. I have to tell you I have a ton of pictures on my camera, but it is difficult to take pictures with both the phone and camera.
When we got off the train we crossed the Grand Canal on the large bridge by the train station. See pics of Grand Canal from the bridge.


We then walked thru the streets (alleys) of Venice to St. Marks square. We crossed the Rialto bridge on the was to the square. There is a lot of steps up and down on the bridges over the little canals. We went into St Marks church. I saw a group of Japanese tourists taking picture, so I took some, butwas told no pictures allowed. After St Marks square we went to the Bridge of Sighs. See pic. I am blocking most of the bridge, but you can see some of it.

After the Bridge if Sighs we walked further to Harry’s Bar where we had Bellinis. See pic.

We then bought tickets for the public transportation – basically a boat that is really a bus on water. We went Murano where they are known for Venetian glass. The glass is beautiful and there are many shops and glass blowing demonstrations on Murano. I was surprised at how far this island is from what we think is Venice. From Murano we went to Burano, a city known for hand made lace. The houses in Burano are quite colorful – see pic – quite different from Tuscany with tan houses and red tile roofs.

Also see pic from water “bus” from Venice to Murano.

It was also quite a distance from Murano to Burano, which I found surprising. To get back to the train station we took 3 water “buses”. The last one going down the Grand Canal. This is an amazing ride and we are on public transportation! You would not believe the amount of traffic on the grand canal – boats everywhere including lots of gondolas. The train station is actually on the Grand Canal and we decided to eat in Venice and then return to Padua. We decided to share a cheese plate and each have a salad. After dinner we took the train back to Padua. Again it is 10:30. We just can’t get everything done without coming back late. We are undecided about where we are going tomorrow, but will let you know.


2 thoughts on “Padua/Venice – Day 3

  1. Lynn Tombrink

    I agree. You need to write a book — with your awesome pics, of course! Barbara, you look so happy and glowing in all your pics! Have really enjoyed your blog! Lynn

  2. Frank & Peg

    You should pursue a career as a photojournalist in your next life! Am so enjoying this trip with you and keep drooling on my iPad when the food photos pop up (smile)! I loved the photo of you with the Bellinis ( yum) – you look happy and healthy. I still wonder how many pairs of shoes you have worn out. Take care of yourself and continue to have fun… Love, peg (& Frank, too)

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